Trade In Your Car vs. Selling It: Which Is Better?

Trade In Your Car vs. Selling It: Which Is Better?

Everything You Need to Know About the Trade In Process

Trading In or Selling? We’re Here to Help

If it’s that time for you to consider getting a new vehicle, it can be difficult navigating all the information out there to figure out which is the best path. Should you trade in your vehicle? What if you can get more for selling it? And what other factors should you consider before making a decision?

Below, we’ll cover all of that and more, including:

  • The pros and cons of selling vs. buying
  • The trade-in process
  • And selling your car directly to a dealership

Visit Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst today to see how much you can get for your trade-in. Our helpful finance team will sit down with you to review your options and help you get the most for your vehicle, whether trading in for a brand new vehicle or selling directly to us.

Should I Trade In My Car or Sell It?

That’s the real question: is it better for me to trade in my vehicle or sell it? What is the difference? If you’re still unsure whether you should trade in your vehicle or sell it to a private buyer, read on.

While there are positives and negatives to both trading in vs. selling, the simple answer is this: you can get more for selling your vehicle yourself to a private buyer, but with several big caveats. Selling a vehicle yourself can be a big headache, so much that it can quickly become more trouble than it’s worth. That buyer likely isn’t familiar with the car sales process, which can cause problems, plus there’s the fact that you don’t actually know if you can trust them.

If you factor in the time, stress, and headache of selling your car yourself, it’s generally not only easier, but more profitable to trade in your car or sell it to a dealership (more on that later). When you work with a dealership, you know you’re dealing with professionals you can trust. After all, it’s their business to deal in trade-ins and car sales and they have a reputation to uphold.

When trading in your car at Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst, for example, you not only get top-notch customer service and a helpful finance member to help you through the entire process but top-dollar for your trade-in or sale-based on current car values.

Customers reviewing financial information with a dealership employee

The Trade-In Process: How It Works

Now, let’s talk a bit about how the trade-in process works. If you’ve decided to trade in your vehicle, it’s useful to have some heads up on how the process works and what you can expect. Plus, there are some things you can do in advance to speed the process up and smooth it out.

Start by assessing the value of your vehicle make and model by using a trusted source like Kelley Blue Book. This won’t give you an accurate estimate of your vehicle specifically, but it will get you started and give you a ballpark figure so you know what you’re working with.

This is also useful so that you’re aware in advance of what special options your vehicle has. The dealer will want to know what options you have as that will affect the price evaluation. So, if you have those on hand it will make the entire process move much more quickly.

Once you’ve done that quick step, you should get your vehicle appraised. Keep in mind that this step is typically done at the dealer, so it’s not required. However, it can be useful to do this yourself before it’s time to trade in your vehicle so you know what you’re working with before visiting the dealer.

When you visit Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst, we’ll help you complete a full appraisal of your vehicle to help you get the most for it.

Once your vehicle has been appraised, all that’s left to do is close the deal. You’ll have the chance to review the appraisal amount here and make a final decision. You’ll also see how that trade-in amount will be applied to your new vehicle purchase.

At Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst, We’ll Buy Your Car

What if you would rather not trade in your vehicle? What if you simply want or need to sell it? The good news is, at Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst, we’ll buy your car. Instead of going to a private buyer and dealing with a stranger– and the headache– our experienced finance team will take you through the process with ease. You can sell your car directly to us without having to purchase a new one, and we’ll make sure you get top-dollar for your vehicle.

See What You Can Get for Your Vehicle at Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst

Visit Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst today, whether you plan on selling or trading in your vehicle for a new car. We’ll appraise your vehicle and help you get the most for your money, without the hassle of selling to a private buyer.

Our knowledgeable finance team is happy to answer all of your questions and put you at ease with the sale or trade-in process. So stop by today and let us help you get top-dollar for your vehicle.

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