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Auto Maintenance: the Top Trick to Keeping Rides Smooth

Your One-Stop Shop for Auto Repair (and More) in Amherst

Is it already time for your next auto maintenance? Or maybe you’re looking to schedule a repair after smacking a curb or noticing your check engine light power on. Either way, there’s no need to worry, as we’re your local Chevy service center with the answers to virtually any auto issues or services that pop up on the road. Even better, we don’t want money to be the reason you skip car repair service, so we even offer car service financing to help out your budget while helping your vehicle run at peak performance. Get started today by scheduling your maintenance and auto repairs online at the Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst Chevy service department today.

A technician inspecting a vehicle’s engine

Auto Repair: Covering Your Chevy Fixes and Needs

For nearly any auto repair service that pops up—from a basic motor oil change to fixing gearbox issues (along with nearly anything else that can pop up on your Chevrolet vehicle), our experts are always eager for the job to help your vehicle run as strong as the day you drove it home. We’re also here for any questions or advice you seek, whether it’s assistance with scheduling service appointments or knowing which brand and style of tires fit your driving needs, we’re here for you. Get started and schedule an appointment today at our service center.

A technician changing a vehicle’s oil

Oil Change: How a Simple Service Makes a Colossal Difference

Sure, a routine oil change is a fast service that you’ll want to schedule multiple times through the year (every 3,000-5,000 miles is a good rule of thumb). However, simple doesn’t mean unimportant, as this fluid reduces friction on your motor parts, helping you avoid engine damage and preventing many potential issues under your hood. Also, to cater to your driving style, we offer full synthetic oil and conventional oil to keep up with your pace and cruising needs. For more information about which oil and brand work best for your ride, speak with our team members, who are always eager to answer your questions.

Certified AND Factory-Trained Professionals at Your Service

When you take your vehicle to us for your service visits, only Chevy-certified experts work on your ride to help ensure accuracy, speed, and quality for your repairs. Keep in mind that these technicians not only understand the special needs of each Chevy model but also know how to employ the newest equipment and techniques to optimize your service. For any questions about your ride, our certified experts are also always prepared to lend their knowledge about products and service recommendations.

A technician working on a vehicle’s brakes

Brake Service: Put a “Stop” to Unwanted Sliding and Sounds

If you’re looking for the ultimate safety feature on your car, your brakes beat out most advanced driver-assists you’ll find on the road—after all, can you think of a more reliable method for avoiding frontal collisions or helping you remain in rough conditions? That’s why you’ll want to keep your stopping power in top shape—and brake repairs are one of the best ways to help prevent yourself from sliding into intersections or other vehicles. Not to worry if you don’t know what’s causing your stopping issues, as our technicians are familiar with common problems in your rotors, brake pads, drums, and more. Plus, fixing your brakes helps you stop hearing those annoying squeals when you tap your pedal (usually, the sound is the result of your rotors scraping on metal when your pads wear too much), which is an almost-instant gift to your ears.

A technician jumping a car battery

Power Up Your Drives by Keeping Your Battery in Check

Your battery might not always come to mind first when you think of routine maintenance—but if you ignore your vehicle’s power source for too long, you’re likely to have issues getting your motor started, which can leave you stranded in inconvenient places like supermarket parking lots or on the side of the highway. So, prevent these problems altogether by having our technicians check the status of your battery when you stop by. When your power runs low, we offer a variety of brands and styles to fit your budget and driving needs—schedule your battery service today to help you prevent running late or getting stuck from your car refusing to start.

A technician replacing a vehicle’s tire

Tire Service: Keeping Up with Your Tread

Whether you’re looking to optimize your performance or safety, keeping your tires in like-new condition is always a priority. You can always tell when it’s time for a replacement by checking the condition of your tread—if you notice balding or you can see the top of Lincoln’s head when you insert a penny into your groves head-first, you’ll need a new set of tires. Along with replacements, we’re also here to virtually handle all of your tire needs, from patching to rotations to help your tread wear evenly and to assist you in continuing your adventures and commutes for many miles to come. Find new tires or schedule repairs today online to get started.

Close up of a technician working on a vehicle’s tire

Wheel Alignments—Balance Is Everything on the Road

Are you noticing your steering feels awkward after driving over a pothole or curb? Then it’s time to schedule a wheel alignment to help you set your wheels at the optimal angles to help you regain control of your steering or cruise right when you need. Restore your ride today by visiting the Spitzer Chevrolet Amherst website and scheduling your car repairs and wheel alignment service.

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